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Quick Reference: How to Register for Courses

If you don't like to read instructions, you might want to watch this
video on the registration process

or call 505- 277-8128 (Albuquerque)
or 1-866-869-6040 (toll free)

or email online@unm.edu

If you are not a UNM Student, see the Prospective Students page. You may wish to use the Apply Online link there

How to tell if you have been accepted: Go to the Prospective Students page and click Apply Online. If you applied online, login with your Applicant account. If you applied in person or by mail, you will need to create an Applicant account. Please allow 3-5 days turn around for paper applications to be added to the LoboWeb system, otherwise when you login, it will regard you as someone who has not yet applied.

If you have further questions, contact the Admission's Office at (505) 277-8900

Start here

  1. You will need your UNM NetID and password. If you need help with the obtaining a NetID or finding your password, please see this NetID Maintenance page:http://netid.unm.edu.
  2. Go to http://my.unm.edu
  3. Login with your NetID and password
  4. Click Student Life tab
    • if you don't have this tab, you have not been accepted as a student
  5. Click Go to LoboWeb

In the past, you were not prevented from registering if you have not met prerequisites for a course. Now, you will not be able to register until you have met the prerequisites. If you are currently enrolled in a course that is a prerequisite to another, you must wait until after the end of the semester to register for that next course.

Login at my.unm.edu and click Student Life

Get to the Add Classes Worksheet

  1. After entering LoboWeb, click Registration & Records
  2. On the next screen, click Registration (Add/Drop Classes)
  3. On the next screen, choose Accept Financial Responsibility and click Submit
click Registration & Records

Click Registration and then Accept Financial Responsibility

  1. From the Term menu, select the appropriate semester and click submit
  2. On the next screen:
  • If you already know the CRN (Course Record Number) for the sections you want, enter those CRNs and then click Submit Changes
  • If you need to find the CRNs, scroll down and click Class Search to look for your desired sections

Select the term using the pull-down menueither you enter the Course Record Number (CRN) or you look it up through Class Search

If you need to do a Class Search

Pick your Subject First

  1. Select the Subject

The next steps are different depending on if you are looking for

Select the subject for all types

If you want an Online Class

  • Scroll way down the page to the Attribute Type section and select Online

(don't use Schedule Type, even though there are Online options in there)

  • To avoid difficulty, do not select any other option
  • Scroll down and click Class Search at the bottom of the page


Search for an online course

If you want a Hybrid Class

  • Scroll down the page to the Schedule Type section and select the Hybrid option for the type of class, like Lecture Hybrid, Lab Hybrid, etc.
  • To avoid difficulty, do not select any other option
  • Scroll down and click Class Search at the bottom of the page


select your hybrid option in the Schedule Type box

then click Class Search at the bottom of the page

If you want a Campus Class

  • Scroll down the page to the Campus section and select the campus you would like to attend
  • To avoid difficulty, do not select any other option
  • Scroll down and click Class Search at the bottom of the page


select the campus in the Campus box

then click Class Search

Now Select the Section and click Register

  1. Click the box next to your chosen sections
  2. Scroll down and click Register

If you there are issues associated with registration for your selected sections, you will see errors on the next screen.

Common errors:

  • pre-requisites you don't have
  • minimum test score
  • level restriction (grad, Law, etc)
Click the boxes for your classes and click Register

Registration Add Errors

The Status column will state the reason for the error. Some of the error messages are combined. If the Status is not clear - use the Help menu for LoboWeb (not the Help menu for the portal)

If you have errors, use the LoboWeb (not the myUNM) HELP link to explain the error

Need to look up Pre-Requisites?

  1. Click Registration & Records Menu link at the bottom of the page
  2. Scroll & click Search Course Catalog
  3. Look up your course following the same search steps you used to find your section


scroll down and click Search Course Catalog

Need to Drop before the semester starts?

To drop a course prior to the start of the semester, use the Action menu in your Current Schedule.

To drop a class prior to the start of the semester

Want to see your weekly schedule of classes?

At the bottom of your Registration page is a link to View Printable Schedule

scroll to the bottom of the page to View Weekly Schedule
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