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WebCT Grade Export

Video Tutorial

The above 15 minute tutorial takes you through the full Grade Export process.

Welcome to UNM's WebCT Grade Export home page. WebCT Grade Export allows instructors to send students' final grades directly from the WebCT grade book to LoboWeb. This might be particularly useful for instructors of large-enrollment classes who are comfortable using WebCT, especially its grade book tool. Here you'll find video and documents that walk you through the entire Grade Export process. You'll also find documents that explain certain aspects of the process, answers to frequently asked questions, and links to FastInfo articles about Grade Export. If you need information about how to enter final grades using other methods or aren't sure if Grade Export is right for you, please read FastInfo article #6342.

Help Documents

Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions about WebCT Grade Export, read FastInfo article #6283. Or, for general information about entering final grades, go to FastInfo article #3525.